"Extra" Computed Stations in Corridor Template View


Is there any way to “Skip”, “Remove”, or “Keep TBC from Creating” the extra computed stations in a corridor? What causes it to insert the extra computed stations between the interval you set? Sometimes it creates so many flipping through the corridor view to check for errors become tedious.

I think that you will find that (Based on the 100’ shown) your additional computed stations correlate to your HAL/VAL geometry. Using the alignment editor, profile view, and explore object - you should be able to verify.

I think the answer is no but someone will correct me if wrong.

Also, there is a little warning at the top of your display stating that the calcs are incorrect. When i get this - either my surface isn’t caught to existing or I have an instruction that is incorrect. I will click ahead one station and then hold the arrow key to cycle through the stations to find the error. I cut on the 1 ft for this reason

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