Explode 3D Shells

Is there a way to explode 3D shells? RPS explode solids does not seem to work on this. Trying to using data from a REVIT for a foundation model.


That does not work on Shell3D. I guess this are different object types.

It works on IFC Shells (incl CAD Solids) and 3D faces


Could this be expanded to include 3DShells in the future? Shown here:

Shell3D.vcl (203.9 KB)

What about TBC just added import shells and an explode option. Seem like the more logical thing to do.

Like this you mean …

Shell 3D Export.vcl (365.9 KB) Shell 3D Export.vcl (365.9 KB)

Will be out soon if not already released - we have a pending update - v1.03 of Explode Solids Command (not the Explode IFC Shell command) - this is a licensed command whereas the IFC Shell is a command we support for Trimble that is unlicensed - 1.02 is out though and it does this also I believe


I’m allredy updated TBC 5.81, and instaled Rock pile solution, but its not working IFC expload icon. Does it licensed in new version? I’m using Survey advaced module.

There is a command called Explode IFC Shell - that is on the command list accessed from the command pane - that is the original command and is unlicensed - our version Explode Solids is licensed.

Type Explode or IFC at the command line to find the original command.


This command - RPS Explode Solids is licensed and is on our menus (RPS Menus). The UI of this command looks as follows

This command - Explode IFC Shell is unlicensed and can be found in the Command Pane as _ExplodeIFCShell. The user interface of the unlicensed command looks as follows.