Experience using Drone Deploy?

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if anybody uses/has experience doing drone shoots with Drone Deploy? I have my drone images uploaded, but I am trying to upload my finish model DXF to compare surfaces to see our current progress to finish grade. My coordinate system in my model and in Drone Deploy are the same (NAD83, CA Zone 2, EPSG: 6418) but for some reason, when I upload the DXF file it says the coordinate system in my model does not align with Drone Deploy. Any help or advise would be very helpful!


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Hi Gary,
How far off are we talking? If they’re relatively close geographically, the first thing that comes to mind is the US feet vs. imperial feet issue.


Hey Andy, it will not even let me upload it because of this issue.

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Good morning Gary,
Are you willing to share your finished model and the processed point cloud/DSM? I can take a look. I do not use Drone Deploy; I like to control my information by setting GCP and Pix4D. That said, shoot me some data, and I’ll spend a few minutes seeing if I can get it working outside of Drone Deploy.

 Please email me your data adeveney@rivconstruct.com

I dont have any knowledge of Drone Deploy at all. I have recently had conversations with a few people where eg Images output from TBC are off in Civil 3D etc. and these all seem to be related in some way to Coordinate Systems. I will find time to look into this in more detail in ~3 weeks time when I am through my next batch of training courses, but someone mentioned yesterday that they are now pushing images through UAS Master to get them to work in Civil 3D.

I have not verified or checked any of these things yet , but will get to it over the next 30 days to see what I can reproduce etc.


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