Error when trying to use Offset-Slope macro after updating to 4.0

I updated to 4.0 and when I try to use Offset Slope macro I get error?

The error you are seeing is caused when you do not have an alignment selected right? I will have this updated so that when no alignment is selected it will use the first Reference Line - we had to make some fixes to the Alignment based approach (which is the biggest use case) but evidently the two lines and no alignment approach got broken somehow - probably an easy fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience


Peter is on it Ruth - should not be long before a fix is out there.


Thank you for looking into this. To be honest, I’ve never used the alignment option. Have been using this macro to do simple offsets matching x-slope based on 2 3d lines.

This is now fixed and a 4.01 version is available through TMLStatus

Thank you for reporting the issue