Error message when/after using point cloud processor


I have a project which contains drone data (photogrammetry) and scan data from the SX12.
I was using the point cloud processor to clean up and get a nicer looking surface from the point cloud from one of the SX12 scans, everything went fine, saved the project and closed. Now when opening the same project I get this error message, see pictures. Why is that?
I understand the error message and know it is caused by the point cloud processor TML but is there a way to not get the error message?
Little background info:
The project is in a swedish published coordinate system in grid, when importing the las file from the drone flights I used the option “Grid-scaled and georeferenced in the same coordinate system as the project” and then chose the center of the point cloud to compute the combined scale factor.
The SX12 data comes in just fine through ordinary import using the Trimble Sync Manager.

Skärmbild 2023-02-03 153248
Skärmbild 2023-02-03 153510

It is a warning only - the point cloud scan we created should be exactly the same as the source data that it was derived from - so it should overlay correctly despite the scaling issues that TBC is warning you about.

The import scan file function that we use to reimport the PCP data that we output doesnt give any option to manage this at all and it applies scaling during import - we have to scale the point data as we e port it so that it gets scales back correctly during the mport. The file is likely not being tagged correctly as a result but I dont believe there is anything we can do about it


Thanks for the explanation