Engineers contours not lining up with Design

Seems like every CAD file I get the contour lines from the engineers rarely match surrounding designs linework/elevations. Sometimes those contours are off .2’ sometimes they’re off 2’.

So, do you nudge them? Throw them out and build your own? What have you found to be the solution that works best for you when faced with this issue?

Example pulled from another model builders FG DXF:

Are you speaking about the or the funky triangles? If your using the contours to create a surface try changing the segment length of the linestrings. Override segment length to a larger number

Talking about the contours usually being off from the rest of the engineers design and not tieing in nicely to surrounding elevated linework that has elevation call outs you have to stick to.

Sometimes they leave out curb lines from their model or they use the wrong curb details and when they generate the contours they won’t be exact. But if you’re seeing 2’, this would be an RFI for me. Most engineers don’t consider contours are part of the design, they’re just showing the direction that water should flow.

Good reply Cade. I’m actually started modeling and not including curb any more. Just edge top pavement and offset natural ground 0.01 and up 0.50’.

I don’t claim to understand why, but some engineers will not use dynamic contours and forget to update the contours when the surface changes, then publish or send out incorrect contour lines relative to the surface elevations. It’s not unlike having “dead” grade labels or grade labels that pull elevations from the wrong surface.