Elevation of a Linestring

RPS Community, is there an easy way using RPS tools or not, to set the elevation of a linestring to all the horizontal nodes on said linestring?

Are you wanting one set elevation?

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No Sir, hoping to add multiple elevations quickly rather than select each one, one by one.

nothing that ive seen. beside create linestring and add elevation for each segment. if ytou know the slope you could add elevations that way. the only thing i can think of that RPS has is the take off line… which would be the same as create linestring .
there is the create point > station offset… could create the linestring as alignments and import CSV with station offset elevation.s

If the linestring already exists, and you know what each node elevation should be: you can set elevations to horizontal nodes only if you use the native “Change Elevation” command, “Surface elevation” option with “Drape only at vertices” checked. You’ll need a surface that has the correct elevation at each linestring node, you can define this however you like. Depending on the circumstances, I might have previously used “Create from CAD” to generate points at the end of every segment - “grid only” points are easy to change the elevation for in the properties pane. It doesn’t matter what your source surface looks like anywhere other than the target linestring nodes - the “Drape only at vertices” option only samples the surface at each horizontal node of the linestring.

If I am reading this right, you are looking to set a single elevation to a line across all horizontal nodes. If elevation across the line is constant, I would drop elevation from the line completely. Change Elevation > Undefined Elevation > Change Elevation > Absolute Elevation. This will set all horizontal nodes at undefined and set the line elevation as defined.

If you are creating the line than the transfer of elevation can be assumed from the previous node utilizing -

I am not entirely sure of intent but I find this to be a very simple process. You will have much more control of Z along the line, utilizing the vertical tab of the editor. Profile grades in and out from that vertical location are also displayed which is kinda handy.

Setting the line elevation from Change Elevation will also ignore the line properties for extend vertical. The whole line will be set for its length

Hey Nate,
He is not wanting one elevation. Sound like he has different elevation to place at different stationing along the linestring.

Now, is this line have only one segment ? A quick thought, make the linestring and alignment. Bring CSV file with sta,of,elev.

right, then there is already a line and it has a variety of elevations across. I would think the arrow key in line-string editor to cycle along the line is probably the quickest. Should there be a table already csv import or an alignment import would be sufficiently expedient. Without a table to convert, its all hand input - pick your location, i guess. Excel or the editor