Elevate Points By Linestring

Does anyone have any tricks for setting point elevations by adjacent linestring? Easy to do in cad, but cannot seem to figure it out in TBC. Use cases would be setting GL elevations on curb offset points, etc



Use mulri offset lines to create a line left and right of the line at 0% slope or 0 dz and have the template build you a surface - then elevate the points to the surface using Change Elevation command.

You can offset hundreds of lines in one pass and have the surface built automatically - place the lines on a temp layer that you can delete quickly afterwards

This is how I would do it


Thanks Alan, Ill give that workflow a shot.

this just gave me the idea of using the Variable Offset maybe a better command and than elevate points from offset line. Or delete points and then re-add points which the points should pick up on the elevation also.