Edit Alignment Spreadsheet w/ Station Equation

It looks like this question was asked a couple years ago and never got an answer. But, how do you specify station equations in the edit spreadsheet? I would think adding " :2 ", but it doesn’t work.

you are using the edit Spreadsheet macro? When looking at a geometry report:


the highlighted cells correlate with the geometry shown in the edit spreadsheet:

There doesn’t appear to be any distinguishing of the station equation in the spreadsheet editor. you have a start station, begin coordinates, and the geometry to end. I think that you would need to populate the station equation tab of the alignment editor to get your ones and twos:

This is a guess however. What I found curious in the spreadsheet editor- There is a box to show station equation zone and I don’t see that it populates anything. I suppose this could be due to my equation being at the end portion of the alignment…

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You have to add the Station Eqs after the geometry is built - the edit alignment tool just builds the geometry - once that is complete and created in TBC edit the alignment and add the station Eqs in that tab. That thennupdates the alignment stationing and the EQ numbers.