Dyna Sheet Collection rotation?

When you rotate you dynview sheet collections. Is it possibly to have the sheet orientated correctly in when sheet sets are created? I am having to rotate my sheets to have them align proposer for printing .

When you applya rotation to a dynaview creation and then generate sheets it should ounter rotate them to make them square on the sheet. For individual dynaviews you have to do that manually if you place your dy aview frames in plan view and then rotate them because they are just a frame - TBC does not really know that they are a rectangle because a dy aview frame can be any shape and it doesn’t know that they have a rotation that you want to counter rotate- so you have to do that manually through the dynaview properties.


It’s very odd. I did a test run and work without rotation. Just couldn’t get it do repeat again. Was hopping something has changed since the last time I asked.

If you manually adjust the sheets in a Dynaview collection then the rotation will be off - if you keep all sheets with the Dynaview Collection Rotation then they are managed correctly. When you change each sheet individually, then the central collection container is “broken” and you are kind of on your own from that point.