DWG with UCS mess up plotting in TBC, How to handle?

Hi all!
We have a dwg wich includes som UCS data (first time for us) and this makes a lot of trouble. The height of the lines is really strange and the plotting is f…up because of this. Tried the “convert to linestring” command in RPS and checked the “Remove UCS” but it did not work. Any ideas how to handle this file?

A-00-P-1 SITUATIONSPLAN DAMMAR ny (inpassad)_FMT andra utförandet.dwg (1.2 MB)

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Do the remove UCS twice!!

If you run Convert to Linestring twice on the file, the second time all the UCS are removed. I will see if we can get this addressed this week - there should be no reason to have to run the command 2x however it does work the second time.


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Aha, will try that. Thanks Alan! :slight_smile: