DWG separate page/layout

There are dwg/dxf files from a customers I have trouble with.
I get a dwg/dxf with multiple pages/layouts very often and I need a tip how to get out only one for next TBCwork. TBC mixs it up all together after importing so that needs much more time to filter and there are some losts of objects that TBC did not import (green croses as signs for the points).

the last customer file
I have free Brava! Desktop as a CAD wiever that can display it separately and it displays the lost objects (green croses for points P1-128)… there are some warns while opening in Brava (missing external files) but I guess “it can be displaied, it can be exported”

Can anyone help me with a tip how to solve it?.. an online service?.. free converter?.. TBC trick?

thank you

Let me look at the file

Selection sets for each imported file allows you to separate the files into different viewable groups in TBC - each imported file becomes a selection set automatically and can be applied in the view filter manager - selection sets (use to display or hide members of an imported file)

As for the green crosses I need to look at the data to see how it is defined as to why it doesn’t show up in TBC - could be that it is using a symbol file that TBC does not have or a block reference that TBC doesn’t get from the file provided etc. *in a ref file)


Thank you Alan

Do you mean Selection set in Selection explorer?..nice idea but after importing the file I cant find any TBC-automatical-separation-groups to chose from or any easy possibility to separate the file into groups by the dwg-layouts. Can you describe it more or make a short video?

The missing objects is bigger isssue sometimes.
First… for this file there is trouble to get right view. There are some objects long away from the layout so that TBC display all objects and I cant zoom in. The only way to get the view of the layout, I had found, is make selection of the away-objects and explode twice and delete.
Second… But there are missing dimensions and objects now… In this moment I do not know I deleted them or it hadnt been imported… and BRAVA display it without any trouble, all objects and only the layout.

I suppose TBC has its own system of importing and working with cad files … TBC could find objects that other cad soft ignore or is inner system part of the CADsoft it was created in… TBC could have trouble to interprate symbols etc…but… free CAD soft can handle that and it is anoing to check the import results constantly in free CADsoft while working with such a robust, specialised, profesional soft as TBC is.

Alan have you find any results?