DWG Import - Support for importing pictures embedded within drawing

It seems very odd that you can export out images with the dwg exporter and they are supported in Civil3D and other AutoCAD products but you cannot take this same file, created from TBC, and reimport into TBC and get the image to import.

All the plumbing is there. One loop isn’t plumbed to return the water though :thinking:

OK but if it is already in TBC why is that a big issue? The DWG file is meant as an exchange to AutoCAD not an exchange with TBC - we have VCL for that?


The purpose is to import pictures from Civil3d into TBC. No different than us, engineers will use images as underlays in their drawings.

Indeed VCLs work for TBC to TBC transfer. My point was more on the fact that we can send data one way, it is odd we cannot import.

Then I guess it is an issue for Trimble to resolve with the DWG importer - I will pass it along