Drafting Sheet Plan View - Side by Side

Is it possible to create a drafting template for a dual plan view / side by side?
Using different filter for comparing Design vs As-built or site aerial progress comparison

CreateDynaview (not boundary collection, found in sheet layout tab) can be used to place a view into a sheet with any view filter of your choice. You can even use the same boundary for both views. The scale is a little funky to use but it should do what you want

Select what boundary you want to use in plan view, and place the dynaview in sheet view. Hope this helps

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You can create a Template for this that has two spaces for Dynaviews. Only one of the spaces can be setup for automatic placement of the Dynaviews on the sheet, the second one can use the same dynaview boxes from the plan view and can be placed in the second location but that has to be done manually. Each dynaview in the Sheets can have its own view filter (property of the dynaview) and that can be used to show different elements or you can set up View Filter overrides to highlight things in Bold line or different colors to make them stand out (Advanced View Filter Settings)