Drafting - Producing a 36x24 Plan Set for a Cut Fill Map

This week I had another user trying to use a Plotbox to create a 36x24 plan set including Drone Imagery and a Cut Fill Map along with other CAD information - and they were getting an error message in trying to achieve that. The buffer controls in the Plotbox command are insufficient to make that kind of plot size with high resolution imagery and solid fill overlays so we always recommend the use of the Plan Set / Sheet Set and Dynaview Collection approach for anything like that.

In this video we create a Plan Set, Sheet Set and Dynaview Collection to generate a Sheet that we then Print to PDF. In addition we show how to use the RPS Copy to Clipboard and RPS Paste function to create copies of Plan Sets or Sheet Sets within a Plan Set in your project. We also show how to export a Plan Set so that you can save it in your Drafting templates folder for future use on other projects.

The plan set that we create her has a simple sheet border and plottable area inset by 0.5" around the perimeter of the sheet.

Hopefully anyone can learn how to use the advanced plot functions of TBC from this video - once setup the process of creating a drawing sheet should be as simple as

  1. Create a Dynaview Collection - 1 sheet may be all you need
  2. Click on the Sheet Set and review properties (you can have a sheet set in your project template to save creating one or importing one each time).
  3. Set the Boundary Collection to use the Dynaview Collection you created in (1)
  4. Set the View filter to the filter you want to use
  5. Right click on Sheet Set and select Build Sheets
  6. Open Sheet View and then select print to PDF

This is a much more reliable way to build Sheets for print to PDF and it gives great results.