Drafting Legend Dynaview

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In the attached screen shot we are trying to make the legends white out in the background so the contour
Drafting QA
lines and other linework do not show in the background of the legend/dynaview box. VCE and image attached.

Thanks for any help!
20221025 2022 Eastside Demo Landfill AS (5103).vce (208.3 MB)

Maybe a quick way would be to do the RPS copy or use a dynaview and paste it in the sheet view. Take the legend and have just the white back or change it the black background before getting screen shot of the legend.

Go to the layer manager and set the Display Priority for all your layers to Background. Then draw a box using the linestring command the same size and same place as your legend, and fill it with white and 0% transparency. Place this on a layer with the display priority set to Normal. Then put your legend’s layer display priority to Foreground.

I would do one of the following
Make you main drawing Dynaview smaller than the max size and leave room at the side of the drawing to place these types of additional info - that way you don’t get the linework behind them.

Find some space at the edges of the model where there is no linework where you can place the additional information

Plot your main drawing at a smaller scale so that you create some white space around the drawing in which you can place the additional information

Failing that - I am not sure of a way to do what you are trying to achieve here because TBC does the following

Images and Fills are always at the back - then layers control which fill is in foreground / Normal / Background

Linework is always on top of fills and then layers control which lines are in foreground / Normal / Background

Text is always on top of linework and then layers control which Text is in Foreground / Normal / Background

So you cannot place a Fill that sits on top of Text and Linework by any means because it is always at the back of the stack. So you have to work with TBCs limitations and set up areas on your sheets that have white space behind them to avoid this scenario unfortunately.



Thanks Alan. I ended up moving the signature and legend dynaview boxes to the bottom ribbon to get the sheets out the door. Hopefully Trimble can add some better controls to the drafting visibility prioritization. We’ve had issues with this for a while and in some cases like this we are able to work around it, but in others like some call outs we’ve just had to scrap.

Haha as stupid as this may be I was able to get it to clip out the data behind it.
Go into paint save a blank white image and import it into your project. Put the data you want on top of the white background image.
Create a dynaview in throw it into your sheet view.

Edit: I take that back, doesn’t work with linework in the way. Just if your trying to paste something over an image.

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