Displaying Unnamed Lines

Most of my work within TBC is taking the engines CAD files and cleaning up data to be used for modeling and sit layout. On of the most time consuming things I have found is making sure every line has a name assigned to it. So when the field user selects the line it tells them what it is. Is there a way for TBC to select all lines that have no names or maybe even display all lines that have no names in a alternate color like you can display Zero Elevation data in an alternate color.

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Hey Nathan,

You could assign the lines to a layer with the desired name and then use our name by layer macro to change the names. I would then use the select by layer command to grab all objects, and then name by layer to change their names. You could also use a mapping file to associate a different name with existing layers that those lines are assigned to.

Hope this was helpful


I was the name by layer last week and was wonder how the mapping file works. I did have trouble when I used that command on the labels being visible which i had to apply multiple time before I they were displayed. Then I had multiple names. Is there a way to label around a curve line following the same curve?

If you hit F1 while the command is open you will be taken to the help page for the command which details how to use the mapping file. As far as labeling arcs, I would typically join those to my tangents before I named the lines with the name by layer command. This would name the entire linestring rather than the individual segments.

I would recommend using the macro. Big time saver. I too had this issue and this was a very useful tool for solving this problem.

I would also encourage you to look into updating your collectors, with newer versions of Siteworks, the layer is shown along side the line name. Since this update, I have become less focused on naming all of the lines and just naming the lines that have more distinct value.

I just posted a video at the link below on this for you Nathan