Did You Know - RPS Paste Command

Update on RPS Paste Command

A great feature of the RPS Paste command is the ability to copy and paste cells from an Excel Table directly into a TBC Project Plan or Sheet View. While you can do this with a snipping tool as an image, you can also just select the cells that you want to copy and use CTRL + C to copy them to the clipboard. Because Excel copies and image plus the text to the clipboard, when you refresh the clipboard view in RPS Paste you will see both an Image Window and a Text Window. The Image Window wins in this case and the paste function will place the image at the selected scale - allowing the table to be rapidly placed on a TBC view -0 all without having to put white space around the table in Excel

This is a great feature for all those construction and survey deliverables!

Above is a pasted Excel Table generated using the Corridor Cut Sheet Report using this technique

Video shows you how



Heck yea!!! This will be super useful. Thanks teams!