Delete Unprotected Empty Layers to Quick Access

It would be useful sometimes to have a Delete Unprotected Empty Layers button on the Quick Access toolbar to quickly clean up extra layers without opening the Layer Manager.

Try RPS CAD Cleanup or Project Cleanup because they do it also

You really need to Explode Blocks prior to cleaning up empty Layers - also you really need to delete Sheet View data that got imported from CAD - that is what the RPS CAD Cleanup tool does for you and then the empty layers are then removed in step 2.

Layers are not always empty even if they look like they are - they may have Block Content on them that does not become apparent until the blocks are exploded, there may be Sheet View data from AutoCAD that is holding layers that in the plan view look empty etc. So cleaning up the CAD first before deleting the empty layers is an important step (CAD Cleanup was designed to take care of that for you.


I like your reply because it made me take a closer look at our CAD cleanup workflow. I’ve typically been running CAD Cleanup Step 1 and Step 2, but not step 3 because someone in the last few years established layer standards that don’t correlate with the National CAD Standards (makes it easier for the field guys to read without having to guess at what it means, or something like that). So I move on from Step 2 to Standardize Layers. I initially cleanup up layers by sight instead of going down the layer list in the view filter manager. After moving the obvious linework and objects to new layers, I’m left with some empty layers and some that need a closer look, and that’s when I’d primarily use a one-click Delete Unprotected Empty Layers button to see what layers still need attention. It could be a small command shortcut at the top of the Standardize Layers command window, but there are a few occasions when I would use it to remove a layer after bringing in extracted CAD lines during the course of a project, such as the gas company’s proposed gas line alignment, which would make it convenient to have as a Quick Access toolbar option.