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I am some iterations into my default template and when I had originally created, there were some layers that would not delete. I have also reworked my fxl’s to a much smaller size and have done some re-layering.

I now want those pesky layers I created and the unused fxl layers that reside in my template gone. They will not delete. I have two plan-sets, a cut/fill map, an og and des surface, and the fxl library for the Template bones. The layers in question are Categorized in unknown. Isolate layer has been done and nothing resides. I have tried deleting all unprotected, i have tried individual. nothing seems to get them gone. Except for project clean-up. This only works if the remove unused blocks is checked and only removes the fxl layers which obviously had blocks attached to them - as suggested in the info only write up for delete layers - yet I still have these four layers that will not go away. Any ideas?

I suppose i could make them into usable layers and be done with it but I am frustrated and determined at this point. If you’ve had this issue and beat it, I would sure like to know how. I have been unable to delete these four layers since creating on 5.4 or 5.5

some where in that project is some data still attached to those layers. if you start with an empty project using those default layers. I would do a select all in the plan view to see if there is something there and delete. also, any plan sets could hold data in those layers that have not been deleted. you have to find some data that is still on that layer and delete before you can delete the layer itself.
I had a layer once that i could not delete and found out i had a linstring in one of my plan sets. deleted that line and layers was able to be deleted after that. hope it helps some.

it was the A3 Master sheet plan-set. I couldn’t find anything in the plans but removing them is allowing for deletion. Its curious though as I opened each master sheet and everything is layered to the proper import layers for the plan template. Also, I only have to remove the master sheets. If I leave the master sheets and remove the A3 plan set, delete doesn’t work.

Anyhow, If you cant find the blocks attached to layers - project cleanup works.
And it seems the A plan templates gives layer deletion hell as well

Thanks for the help Francisco!

No problem. One other way that just crossed my mind to search for objects is. Select by layer and look at the bottom right corner to see how many objects are selected. Duh!!

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