Dark Background For Siteworks

I was talking to Chris Bayliff the other day and I mentioned how I use TBC to create a black background for siteworks and he asked me to share.

  1. Make a plot box larger than the area of the project

  2. Turn off all layers besides the plot box

  3. Go to image capture set the resolution to low , select the plot box, and hit apply


do you load it into background images and in what format? I used a .jpg and it asked me for a corresponding world file Iā€™m not sure what that is.

You have to have the plotbox in the area of your ptoject andd your project has to be calibrated with either a Site Calibration or a coordinate system - when you do what Joe suggests it writes two files a JPG or PNG or TIF plus a JGW, PGW or TFW file. The one with the w iz the world file - the two files need to be placed in the background image location for siteworks. They are unique for each project becUse of the location and the coordinate system.

You need the two files as the workd file says where it goes in the world and how to scale the image pixels


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