Custom corridor earthworks report excel

Is it possible to customize the excel corridor earthworks report?

What I would like to do is to have an excel calculation sheet embedded at the front which will look up each corridor report sheet and summarize & filter the corridor data.

It is not possible to create a custom Earthwork Report, however I plan to re write the report to do that Gavin - I agree 100% that is needed.


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That’s great, it would be extremely useful for the estimator & planner as they get a bit lost in the data

any updates on the corridor reports?

Trimble recently had a power hour for custom report. which was a very good visual aid. I have a question whether or not the Corridor report can be also be customized. I ask and never got a response back. I want to add which HAL,VAL and Existing Ground are used for the report. we usually run few different scenario corridors and add to reports to send out. I have gotten better about naming the corridor report, still would like to see more info on the corridor reports.

Not at this stage