Creating leader lines in TBC

Is there a way to create just a leader line that I can use for other applications and not just text? I remember in Terramodel you could create a leader line and it did not have to be attached to text. We could create several leader lines and point them all to one attribute.

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You can insert text with a leader line, then copy just the leader line. All leaders will branch from the one text.


You can select a leader and copy it using the Copy command - when you copy it you can move t or leave it where it is. If you leave it where it is, you can then select it and grip edit the Pointer end to point at something different. In this way the same text can be pointed at a number of different locations on the drawing from a single location. Once the leader is copied you can then move it, however it is still linked to the same text object so if you move the text object then all the leader copies will update also and reset to be linked to the text objects new location.

Hope that this helps