Creating Geopier Points With Correct Numbering

Creating Points For Geopier Locations

In this video we show you how to create points at the center of circles representing Geopiers for a building project using the Point Creator command. In addition we show how to transfer the Geopier numbering to the circles using the Name by Text command prior to using Point Creator to create the points. In this way the points that get created will inherit the name of the lines from which they are derived. We will also code the points as RP or GP for Radius or Geopier point and we will add the radius of the circle into the code for each point.

The key benefits of Name by Text and Point Creator in this workflow compared to TBC standard functionality are as follows

  • The points can be 3D if the circles are 3D
  • The points can be numbered correctly according to the design plans
  • The points can be coded to incorporate the circle radius for each of the Geopiers - useful if the Geopiers have different sizes in the plans

In two short steps you can turn 2D or 3D CAD objects into useful objects for machine control (in Trimble Groundworks) or for stakeout operations in Trimble Siteworks or Trimble Access.