Creating DSM tiff for drones

Does TBC have the ability to export DSMs (tiff) in WGS84? Currently I use this file type for terrain following when flying drones. The drone I use (DJI Matrice 300) needs a file under 20mb and in WGS84. I fly around a lot of mining sites so the publicly available files don’t quite match due to the large amounts of earth moving and the age of the data. Propeller (Trimble Stratus) gives me some DSM outputs, but they are too large to use. Does the photogrammetry module have anything I can use to get what I need? I don’t have that module currently so any information would be helpful.

Here is a screenshot from propeller for some of the data downloads.
Screenshot 2023-01-27 091707

I think it does. I’ll look into it this weekend and get back to you with a process if so.


I am also after this solution to be able to import geotiff dsm/dtm. I have the photogrammetry module and I still cant find a way to get it imported into TBC. I have bring it into Civil 3D and make a grid to be able to use any of the data in TBC. Would love to find a solution to this workflow.

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