Creating Boundaries and Clipping Lines

A few weeks ago I was chatting to a user and showed them how to create boundaries for site limits from provided lines and then used that boundary to clip all of the CAD linework to that boundary and then cleanup objects that remain outside the area of the site boundary.

We chatted again this morning and I said I would record the video below to cover this again for them.

The video shows

How to take 3 boundary lines and combine them into a single boundary using a few different methods

  • Breaking the lines at the connection points and then joining the pieces together using the Break and Join Lines commands
  • Using the Track Region command to find an outer boundary line
  • Using the Linestring Editor and the Append Tracked Line to join the lines together

We then use the boundary in combination with the Clip Lines command to clip all of the linework and delete all of the linework that lies outside of the boundary to reduce the project data down to just the area of the project

We then show how to use the Select by Polygon command to select all of the non line data (Text, Blocks, Dimensions etc.) outside the boundary and delete those using CTRL D (Delete).

The user also asked for help on how to align two CAD files that cover the same area e.g. for Erosion Control and Grading plans that are not aligned after import of the DWG files - to do this we showed how to use the Transform by Points command to achieve that.

Hope that the video is helpful