Creating a Copy of a Layer Group and Its Layers

This question came up this morning and I thought it was worth capturing and recording a help video

Users Question

I had a question about updating a project template. If I want to to create the same layers for a new surface group and just change the name so it starts with an 002 instead of an 001. I exported the layer file to excel and open it in the XMS format. I added the information, but I have no idea how to get it back into TBC. Excel does not give me the option to save it as .layer file. Can you let us know how we can update a template in EXCEL and get it back into TBC? Thank you.


While the users question requests a process that uses Excel - that currently doesn’t exist, however the following 2 methods both provide a solution to the problem.

Method 1

This uses the CAD Layer Manager command, select the layers that you want to create a copy of and export a .Layer file. You can then edit the Layer file with Notepad, use the search and replace functions and then import the updated layer file back into TBC using the CAD Layer Manager command.

Method 2

This uses the RPS Layer Group Manager command which allows you to create a copy of the Layer Group, The Layers that it contains and add a Prefix or a replacement prefix to the existing Layer Group and Layer names for the new Group and Layers that are created. If you don’t like the Layer Group and Layer Names that are created you can then search and Replace name elements using the RPS Layer Manager command.

Video shows you how