Create Poly Line Command

One of first things I do to start a new project. I use the polyline command to create a geo reference line to match the scale bar line distance in order to geo reference the vector PDF when I bring it in.
Starting this morning after opening a new project.
When in the Polyline command box, for some reason when I go to type in the typical coordinates in the next point box, it keeps entering into the elevation box. It Even dose it if I put in an elevation to begin with it still will only input into elevation box.

Has anyone had this problem, and what do I do to correct it?

Hey Robert,

Have you thought about creating a scale bar in your template design? Alan did that for me and now I don’t have to draw a line every time. I love it. You can use our template or copy it from ours to yours by using RPS Copy / RPS Paste.

Hope this helps buddy,


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