Create Points on Station along Linework

I think a particularly useful tool would be to create points along station at specific intervals that can be elevated to specific linework. For instance, I have a client that needs points on top back of curb at 25’ intervals on station. It would be great to be able to select the alignment, select the linestring, and tell the program to create points along that line, elevated to it, starting and stopping at specific stations, at a specified interval.


I couldn’t agree more! There are some work arounds that aren’t too painful, but it is something a find myself doing a fair bit and it always dreaded. For the most common time I need to do that is for grid points on a airport runway/taxiway for FAA jobs. The biggest headache in the operation for me is getting the point numbers how I want them…in ascending order going upstation along each longitudinal line.

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Definitely my problem as well. I mostly need points along curb.

If you are planning to subscribe to the All Tools package - this one is something we could do for you i think - let me know if you want to do that and I will get this one on our short term list to do for you as a result.


This is a command I’m also interested in. I’ve received a survey file of a road, as-built, but the measured points on the line strings isn’t on the specific station of the design center line for example station 0/000, 0/010, 0/020 and so on. So I have to create points on the measured linework (EOP, SHLD, Ditch…) with elevations from the measured linework but reference stations from the center line. Is this possible

Do you want to “move” the measured points onto the correct stations or do you really want to create new points where the survey strings cross the station locations for reporting (Intervals etc.)

If you want the first option then the command Pts to Station does exactly that - you have options as to how far you allow the points to be moved etc.

If you want the second option then the way I would do that currently is to

  1. Label the alignment using the stations that you want (shortly you will be able to use the new Create XLines command to do that), making the length of the Tick Lines long enough to cross the linear feature strings
  2. Elevate the Label lines using Elevate Lines using intersecting lines to make them match the elevations of the strings at the crossing locations
  3. Make a surface out of the strings and the label lines so that you have a height reference for the points that you will create
  4. Use the create from CAD command to create points at the Intersections of the strings and the label lines
  5. Use the Change Elevation command to elevate the points to the surface elevation of the surface you created in step 3 above

This is not as pretty as I would have liked, I don’t know why the points created in step 4 don’t take the elevation from the lines - they all end up as undefined - I will request that we compute the Z value at the intersection - not sure what happens when one line has a Z and the other doesn’t or when the two lines cross but at different elevations

Sounds like another TML to write - Pick HAL, Pick Strings, Define Locations (HAL Points, VAL Points, Intervals, Extra Stations … and create Points at Intersections and then you would use the String Elevation in all cases right to determine the correct height. Define the Starting Point Number, Code the point based on the string name and allow a Prefix or Suffix, define the Layer for the Point data and go



Yes that is correct because usually I want to create new points at specific stations along a design alignment. The new points should be for example station 0/010 EOPL, SHLDL, Ditch L, Tie L and the same on the right side. It’s important in this case that the elevations on the new point is from the surveyed linework at this particular station. But I think this possible TML should have the option to choose elevation from design centerline (from where you decide the station locations)or offset linework( in my case surveyed linework). I see some cases during the construction phase using design height as the way to go and linework heights more of an as-built but with proper imagination you can probably find many more ways to go about this right?

The current workflow you described as the second alternative seems the way to go right now for me but a this TML you’re mentioning “create xlines” has that been released? Can not seem to find it.

Sorry just now I realized that you wrote that the xlines TML will be out shortly. A little morning tiredness makes you jump every other word haha.