Corridor Widening - Perpendicular Features - Possible Feature Request?

Rockpile Team,

Curious if you have any tricks up your sleeve to the below situation. I have a roadway that I’m modeling that has a ton of turning lane widenings. This model will be used for machine control, final volumetrics, but also to setup curb staking. Now a majority of the roadway has curb along these widenings and then a paved walk at back of curb. As the corridor will build perpendicular to the alignment, this will create inaccurate depictions of the curb and the paved walk any where these widening transitions occur. Is there any way to cheat the corridor to fix these?

As of now, I am thinking I will leave these sections blank in the initial corridor model, produce an alignment/linestring at edge of lane, and then produce a separate corridor or sideslopes to create the linework. Then finally add those to the original corridor model. That won’t be very time friendly or dynamic if there are changes to the parent corridor model though. Any ideas?

[Possible Feature Request]
If a Node from the original corridor could be converted into an dependent alignment/profile, a user could then make a separate corridor that could handle these situations. This would also allow the secondary corridor to be dependent on the original, this would be a pretty useful feature update.

If you use reference lines this should come out correctly because it should be perpendicular to that line. AT least I think.

I use vertical design for these types of projects. It does a great job. You can then bring the surface back into your corridor and runs calcs if you need to without doubling up on too much work.

When I look at corridors I start with the pavement - that is always computed off the alignment. If I see that the curb or edge detail is not parallel with the alignment (or close to it) then I will switch to either sideslope or vertical design to solve those elements.

You can explode the corridor pavement to create a string for the baseline to use for the sideslope or vertical design - before you explode you probably want to density the corridor surface to get the accuracy needed for the edge of pavement.

If the main line is made of arcs and lines (no spirals) then you can run the new Optimize linestrings to make the eops curvilinear before offsetting them with sideslope.

Thanks guys, I have to do some playing with the vertical design command, still trying to wrap my head around how it works. It sounds like it may be the best direction to go.

We have training classes on it if you need help