Corridor - Motorway Trench Modelling

I’m trying to model 3 x Cut Volumes for a Motorway,

a) Stripping of variable depth - I’ve created a surface model to cover this
b) Bulk Excavation up to 1.0 metres from the trench walls to FSL
c) Trimming Excavation from Bulk Excavation to 0.2m outside the Trench Wall

b) & c) have vertical faces and I’ve created linework to define the extents as they’re not a consistent offset and I’ve only been provided Design CAD files with multiple lines

I’d thought it would be a simple process but I can’t get myself going on it,

Any suggestions?

I want the output in 10m intervals to a spreadsheet for others to use,


![Screenshot 2024-01-19 161950|690x225]

If you’ve got a surface for the stripping then you can use that surface to define a strata layer, then you could build a corridor to define and model the limits of your bulk excavation. Then take that corridor model and use it as a an additional strata layer beneath the stripping. The build another corridor to the full extents of your excavation and then any corridor earthwork reporting you do should be able to break out the various “strata” which would actually be your cut classifications.

Here is how I would model it using a Corridor to get the quantities you are after. I would create all the material layers listed and using instructions to produce them in order Cut, Wall, Roadway. This would all be done in one corridor model.

Thanks all -
After talking @Alan_Sharp I’ve created something very similar to Shaun’s solution - the main thing I was missing was the requirement to have vertical lines back up to the “stripped” surface

Thanks to Shaun and Wayne for digging in here to assist today - appreciate the help guys!