Corridor Cross Sections created looking down the Alignment ( decreasing Stations ) rather than up the Alignment

We have a project that involves 2 two mile section of road. We will be working one side of the road this spring and the other side late summer. The Project Manager has ask for Cross Section sheets that " flow " in the direction of travel as this is how the work will be executed.

This would entail a set of Cross Sections for the Eastbound Lanes which works fine as a normal Cross Section extraction flowing up Station west to east and a seperate set for the Westbound Lanes. The East Bound Cross sections would show the work area on the right side of the section with stations increasing ( looking east, normal arrangement ). How do I create the West Bound Cross Sections show their work area on the right and stationing decreasing ( looking west ). I could not find sittings that looked like they would allow for this? The corridor is complicated and does not lend itself easily to creating a second corridor in a timely fashion and then the question of stationing comes in. I had thought of doing this and use negative stationing and let it count up from the negative. Not sure if that would work? Guess I am looking for the Easy button.

You can try simply mirroring the sections after they have been created using the mirror command. text should auto flip in that process.

The cross secrions of TBC are just lines and text so they will a t like any other CAD data. The mirror process will make a copy of the sheet the other side of the mirror line - you can use Multisheet view to move all the mirrored sheets to the 0,0 origin so that they will print to.PDF

I have never done this so I cannot guarantee it will work but it may work just fine.

If it doesnt work let me know what happened and I will see if I can come up with another way of doing it