Copy - Move and Rotate

When copying an object and moving there is no prompt to rotate. You would have to specifically open the rotate or open up the move/rotate/scale command each time. It would me nice if the move/rotate/scale command was next instead of the move after copying an object.

This would be useful for things like text and copying tip down linework.

Any other tricks to this?

You can program one of the buttons on your gaming mouse or stream deck to first run the move command, then immediately followed by the rotate command, and then the copy command. That way the copy command will be on top, you can copy your object, close the copy command and now the rotate command will be up next, you can rotate your object, then close the rotate command and the move command is up next. When done you close the move command then hit your macro button again for the next item.

I used to do this very frequently back in Terramodel land when changing colors and names was also a separate command rather than just a property change.