Coordinate System Zone Properties

A client is using a special coordinate system zone and the properties have been provided here:

Aerial imagery and 2D/3D data are tied to this coordinate zone. I’ve created the custom coordinate system in the Coordinate System Manager and assigned in the project settings. However, the linework and surfaces are still shifted (offset) from their true location. Does anyone have experience resolving this issue? I can manually shift to align with Google Earth imagery but its low resolution and not sufficient for my needs.

There are several potential variables depending on how your project was setup, but here are a couple suggestions:

  1. If your site is a calibrated site, did you import the control points as grid-only?
  2. Try starting a new project, setting your custom coordinate system, then importing your imagery and 2D/3D data.
  3. TBC appears to hold on to some original coordinate system information after you change it from an initial calibration or coordinate system, and your original info will sometimes retain the previous coordinates.

Reach out if you can’t get this resolved.

Thank you M_Hufford. I have resolved this issue. TBC doesn’t allow the custom coordinate zone to be created? I’m don’t completely understand the issue. However, the surveyor (a TBC user as well) created a calibration file and shared as a blank TBC file.

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