Convert Lat / Long to Northing / Easting?

When calibrating a site with Siteworks, I accidentally selected “no” at the end of the calibration when Siteworks asked if I wanted to save the base station as control point. (btw in what scenario wouldn’t you want to do that? ) I long for an auto-save button, but nonetheless I made the mistake. I went into task log and acquired the lat / long / elevation from that point and was wondering if there is a way to convert this into a Northing / Easting / Elevation in TBC and save the point?

Base Setup Date 7/30/2020
Base Setup Time 2:26:40 PM
Base Setup Base name 14TH
Base Setup Receiver type Trimble SPS985 SN: 5425F70461
Base Setup Corrections broadcasted via Radio in Receiver
Base Setup Radio type TNL900I
Base Setup Radio network 38
Base Setup Base ant. height(APC) 0.474 usft
Base Setup Base latitude 42°02’31.70656" N
Base Setup Base longitude 91°35’41.68687" W
Base Setup Base height 706.539 usft
Base Setup Elevation mask 10

Really appreciate your help.


If you have a Project with the Site Calibration loaded into it and you have the LLH of the Base Station position, you can enter the LLH values as a Global Coordinate position into the Create Point Command (Coord Type Global) and it will compute the NEZ from the LLH values.

However what I am not sure on is whether that LLH is an accurate position or not, I think it should work because when you start the base on an unknown point it does a “Here” position (an instantaneous grab of a LLH value) which is then used in the Site Calibration which then computes the real position and determines the XYZ shift between the Here position and the real position. The Shift is in the Site Cal s when you enter the LLH (of the Base Station) it should compute the correct NEZ.

If the Base Position LLH that is stored is a corrected LLH and not the Here position then it also should back compute correctly.

You should field verify that the Base Point is correct though by taking a Rover up close to it and see if the coords are close - the Here position would normally be many feet off - so a rough check should verify.