Configuring Your Nvidia Graphics Card For Use With TBC and Windows 11

We often get questions about Graphics Performance of a Computer with TBC and one of the common issues we see / hear is that people have a great Graphics Card in their Laptop but the user has not configured the card for use with the TBC application.

In Windows 10 this was managed 100% by the Graphics Card software, however in Windows 11 the configuration is handled some by the Graphics Card software and some by Windows 11 Operating System.

In the video below we show you how to configure your Nvidia Card for use with Trimble Business Center using both the Nvidia Graphics Card Software and using the Windows 11 Operating System.

Secondly we show you how to review your graphics card performance with Trimble Business Center using the Task Manager application in Windows 11.

Lastly we also address a question about curve chording in Graphics as well as in output files for use with Siteworks and how best to handle that for optimal field performance.

DXF Files do not support Arcs with variable elevations, so Arcs get chorded into 3D Polylines for use in the DXF file. The upside is that the lines are 3D, the downside is that the lines are chorded and the arc geometry is lost and you have many nodes along the lines. The alternative is to output the linework as 2D lines - then the arc geometry is maintained but the elevations are lost. Typically users have a 3D surface model for elevations and a 2D line for geometry so they can stake out the PCs, PTs and Center points as well as interval points around the arcs. If you want 2D lines and 3D points for staking use the Point Creator tool in the RPS Data Prep menu for point generation at all the critical points of a line in 3D including the Radius points and vertical curve points etc.

Hope that the video helps

Video Shows you how