Confidence report

Does TBC create Compliance reports? It sounds like Civil3d or Bentley does. I would need to topo a finish surface and compare it with a models finish surface

TBC has a number of compliance reports and we have a few tools at RPS also

Corridor As Built is a compliance report
Label Points is a compliance report
Point Details Report is a compliance report
Face Analyzer is a compliance report

TBC options include Pavement conformance report, cut fill Map, station offset report, there are otgers also.

Best place to start is define what you need and what you are working with - you may need to run tools like surface to grid or surface to points or Extract surface features first and then run the rrport on the data that was created

Ie i have two syrfaces and i need a conformance report thT compares the two surfaces on a 10’ grid or a 10’station and offset grid and that has a tolerance of 0.1 high and 0.05 low.

This dictates the output and defines the start point - we can advise you from there.

Most of our tools allow you to compare to an alignment for station amd offset and a surface for elevation


Thank You. Looks like “Station Offset Elevation” Command is the closest? Looking for Station, Offset, Proposed Elevation, Actual elevation and the delta between the two elevations (and tolerance, if its able to.)

Hey Peter,

I would look at using the Corridor Cut Sheet Report, that report will give you your requested data.

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Thank you Shane! I’ll give it a try :pray:

Hello Shane, Could you give me a temp subscription to RPS? So, I couild show my PM the report. Hopefully he’ll want to buy it.

I watched the video on Youtube for Corridor Cut Sheet. And i dont think thats the right report. Need to topo the finish surface and compare that point to the surface elevation at that same point.

-Point Offset
-Actual Elevation of the point
-Proposed surface elevation at that point
-Then the difference (delta) between the actual and proposed elevations.

Maybe ''Corridor cut sheet" report will give that info, but i didnt see it in the video

The Label Points or Point Details Report do exCrly whT you are looking for Peter.


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