Command Pane Overkill would prefer Command Bar

Does anyone else find the command pane overkill? There is a lot of good info here but I don’t use it.

I would prefer a simple command bar that I could hover or dock or attached to the ribbon or quick access tool bar and simply you type in characters and pick from the sorted list. Maybe a quick toggle for recent commands. The way the command pane cascades and takes over the screen is annoying and overkill especially if you are just using this as a quick search.

Something very short and sweet that you could dock on the quick ribbon to quick activate a command.

Maybe this could be a quick TML?


Something like this perhaps:

(Excuse the typo missing “look”)


Yes me too. In my opinion, the trimble team completely and totally missed the whole point of the original request for a command line.


Pat have you tired the cad command bar? It is turned on and off next to the rectangle select icon on the bottom of TBC. The symbol looks like >_

I have but it doesn’t include every command. It has common ones but there are a lot of items that I use commonly that are not included in this.