Clean a horrible dwg-file, anyone can help me try?

Svanesunds förskola husplacering.dwg (2.1 MB)
Hi forum!
The attatched dwg file is one of the most har dwg files i ever met trying to clean it up to get it usable. I tried exploding/cleaning in draftsight and TBC in different ways but it seems impossible. Is there anyone here wich can try to clean this one from block and other crap and then explain how you did? We mostly solve this by our self but this one seems to be a special one…

I took a look at this file and it is a very strange block set up. Even look at it in Civil 3D. They way they have blocks inside blocks that are not even stack ontop which looks as it should be stack ontop of each other.

This DWG File is in mm units not Metric Units

Import the file using the Import Command and select the file and then go to the Settings at the base of Import and set the units to Mlilimeter and then import the file - when you explode it it will work much better as a result.


You may also want to change the Text Fonts for the Text Styles Used using RPS Text Style Manager - change to Stroke Fonts and use Tmodelf font - that seems to llook better than the fonts used in the file (at least on my US English setup)


Thanks guys! I did try the mm import also but the just gives me the file in mm (of course). But when i just drag n drop it gets correct placed (georeferenced) and with correct measurement, meters. problem is that it is one part of the file placed at 0,0 and one part at correct georeferenced place. The problem is that it does not look the same in TBC as if i use draftsight or Autodesk trueview, the file opened in TBC is missing stuff.

If you have a metric project but import the DWG in mm units it will get converted to Metric on omport - so it will now be in Meters.

If there is additional data in the file in trueview - do you havebother DWG files in the same folder as this file - if yes it could be that it is opening thos files as reference files to show the addw aditional data.

If this is the only DWG file you have and it is displaying more data - the data being displayed is likely AEC objevt data generated by Civil 3D - that is not imported by TBC - however if you have Civil 3D you can use the “Export Civil 3D Drawing” command and that will convert some of the AEC objects into CAD objects that can be imported into TBC

I have Civil 3D on my office Desktop PC but dont have access to it right now as I am away doing a training program currently.

I can have a look at Trueview to see if I can see what you are seeing as I have that on one of my Laptops that I have with me.


that is what i saw also in Civl 3D. one set of layers at the project location and another layer at i would guess 0,0 location which is the measurments.

I opened it in True View and I can agree that it looks different in True View vs in TBC - the part that has all the Dimensions looks the same, the part that is shown on opening the DWG File (not hidden layers) is a Block Reference - However my guess is that the Block Reference contains some non standard Autocad components from one of the Autodesk extension products or Revit etc.

I can only check that when I get back to my home office on Friday as I dont have AutoCAD installed on my Laptop.

Apologies that I cannot do more right now to assist you