Change Point Elevation to Nearest in Point Cloud

Is there a way or a command that I could use to change (only) the elevation of a set of points to the elevation of the nearest neighbor point in a point cloud? Similar to the CAD → Change Elevation → Surface Elevation command, but instead of elevating to a surface I want to elevate to a point cloud.

Thanks in advance!

The point cloud report will find you one or more near points to a set of selected points and generate you a report that you could use as the basis for an import - it is not that fast to compute thise sp ot would somewhat depend on how many points you are talking about

The other way you could do this would be to use the connect points to connect all your points with a simgle linestring and then use the drape line on point cloud function to elevate the nodes of the line and then you can create points at all the line nodes using RPS point creator and then delete the line or similar approach - this is a 5.90 command in TBC if you have not used it.