Change decimal sign on multiple text in a CAD file


I have a file that contains elevation text and decimal sign in this case is a comma and not a point. TBC doesn’t recognize that it’s a decimal sign which making elevate objects by these text objects wrong. I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures so you can see what’s going on.
My question is, how do I get TBC to recognize the decimal sign/the comma? I would like to mark all the text object and change the sign in one go, is that possible?
Do I need to change my global settings for Windows again to get TBC to recognize the sign?
I’m grateful for any tips here guys, thanks!
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There is a find and replace plugin by another vendor but this only works for points. Both would be very valuable.

Civil3D has an option.

If you don’t have C3D send it to me and I can flip it quickly for you.

If you use affix name you can replace 7, with 7. And 8, with 8. Etc - it may take a few mins but that shoukd work i would think - i use that to change 40 to -40 so I think it should do the trick - i dont know if it can find , and replace with . I will check


Thanks @Plheureux and for your tips. I will try out Alan’s tip. Thanks @Plheureux for the offer and the C3D tip. do you know if this is a bug? That TBC doesn’t recognize the comma as a decimal sign?

Would be great with a TML for editing cad text :wink: just saying.

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I just tried the following

  1. Select all the text and make a surface out of it - the text will be used as an elevation point even though it is a comma not a decimal
  2. Use Extract Surface Features command to extract Points and Lines from the Surface you created
  3. The points will now be 3D points with the elevations you want
  4. If you want labels on those points you can now label them with Label Points and that will give you text with decimal points not commas.
  5. If you need the points - you have them now

My suggestion earlier in the week will not work as I thought it would


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Great investigating Alan!

I’ll try this option as well, the endgame is that I need the 3D points to elevate linework from this CAD file.

No sorry Alan this didn’t work. See picture and also the 3D point is located at the insertion point of the text when using the Extract surface features TML and I need it to be at each marker (EOP marker and so on).

I think the only thing to do is to go through text by text and change the comma to a point, this will be a looong friday night.
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