Capture image failing to Generate


All, for some reason after I created a plot box. then use the capture image command to create an image. I click apply and no is created. It’s been while since I done this and had no issue in past. Am i missing something, or doing something wrong.

From the image, looks like all is needed is to select the plotbox to be able to have the image captured.

Francisco, thanks for tip. I did try that with the new plot box selected. I just happen to show the screen with it on none.
Tried it both ways.

The issue is likely one of plotbox size vs image resolution selected.

Jpg, png files have a size limit in terms of max no of pixels. If you pick a large plotbox and select eg 300DPI resolution the image may be too large that woukd be created. TBC doesnt help you here too much in terms of setting the resolution based on plotbox size or vice versa so you have to size according to know how or trial and error.

Try changing the resolution downwards ie feom 300 to 129 or 96DPI

Try splitting the plotbox into two smaller plotboxes at the same resolution - you can resize the plotbox in its properties pane. And create 2 images.

I have a spreadsheet calculator that I use with this current tool and we have a tool in our Earthworks command that computes the max resolution based on the plotbox size automatically that one day I hope will become a mainstream command for all to use.



Thanks for Tip. I did what you said and split the Plot down to quarters at lowest DPI and still is not generating. At this point for me splitting down a more defeats the purpose. I even tried turning off all the view filters with just one plan sheet shot with just plot box layer and still no generating at 72 DPI. I usually use this capture function when I want share information with sub or vendors. This is for giving the views based on what I turn on and off on filter view in JPG. I switch back to tif. file and it works. I just have to watch what resolution I set it at to make it a manageable size file for emailing. I then convert it to PDF in Bluebeam to make it easy to open for people I email to.

I will need the file to take a look for you then



Any luck on this?

I am also unable to create background images with an image capture over my georeferenced images.