Can I plot the DigitalGlobe imagery?

Is it possible to include the background DigitalGlobe Imagery on PDF plots? I can turn the imagery on in Plan View no problems, but I can’t include it as a background on some A3 PDF plans.

I have a job 500m off the end of the local runway so putting the drone up to capture my own othomosaic is not possible.


Good morning Ben,

I don’t believe it’s possible. My work around is screen shot the area, I typically do this in Google Earth because it has better resolution. Save it as a PDF then Georeference it. I also play with the transparency in the properties to make make the LW stand out better. Below shows a 50% transparency, my go to.

Hopefully this helps

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You can also use the Capture Image command with a Plot Box - that captures a georeferenced image that you can just drag back in to TBC and it drops it in the right place automatically - not ideal but I know the TBC license for Digital Globe is limited for viewing which is why you cannot plot the imagery directly as far as I know.