CAD File Not Importing Data Correctly

When I have received CAD files from a particular local Engineering firm, and I import them into TBC, a lot of the data comes across as big squares, or blocks. For example, I might get some of the roadway lines, but there are no contours. When I brought this up with them in the past, I typically have to go through 3-4 trial and errors of them sending me different versions of the file, until I get what I need. Has anyone else had this problem, or know what a solution would be?

Either have the engineer run proxygraphics=1 in Civil3d and kick it back out to you or try Alans video below

Civil 3D Users should do the following

  1. Export a Civil 3D DWG File from the Civil 3D Output Menu - this changes C3D objects into CAD DWG Objects that can be imported into TBC and eliminates the Squares with AEC Object References that come through for C3D Objects like Pipes and Manholes and Structures.

  2. Export a LandXML and turn everything On to generate a LandXML of Surfaces, Alignments and Pipes / Utilities etc. This is the best way to get the AEC Object Data from Civil 3D

There are also tools in C3D that allow you to extract 3D Feature Lines and contours etc from surfaces and corridors etc. that they may be able to generate for you

We do have a Training Class on the Training Library if you are interested in learning more.

Hope this helps


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