CAD Arc/Circle Issue

I have seen this on several projects when we receive CAD work from the engineer. Some of the arc that we would think are arc which are circles. I use the RPS “convert to linestring” command on all the CAD lines for a fast conversion. Some of the arc are turned to linestring and some stay as circles. I even edit the arc begin and end coordinates which still do not change it to an arc.
is there a way to convert this to an actual arc?

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The UCS on those arcs is the issue - you can remove those and return the arcs to normal CAD Arcs using the Convert to Linestring command and select the remove UCS option


This did the trick. All though I did have to do “convert to linestring” twice to remove the UCS. It did not convert it on the first try. I tried it several time and each time I had to convert the arc twice
thanks Sharp

I saw that this week also - will get developers to look at that

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