Bug in Dynaviews - Not Cropping Correctly

Today I had a defect reported that I thought worth capturing the work around.

The example was a Dynaview Frame in plan view that had a corner cut out of the normal rectangle to allow for an inset in the final drawings - the contours that cut across the cut out to a large extent were removed from the drawing sheet, however some contours remained.

When we looked into the issue, the contours that remained - none of them had a segment node outside the dynaview frame so they were not being cropped to the Dynaview frame.

The solution was to add an additional node to each of the affected lines, in that inset area outside of the Dynaview frame using the RPS Insert Segment Command. By doing that TBC then has two line segments that can be cropped to the frame and all worked OK after that.


We have reported the defect to Trimble for resolution - in the meantime please use the work around if you encounter something similar.

Video shows the issue