Bringing in an IFC CAD to TBC

I’m trying to drag and drop an IFC CAD file from a folder on my C: drive into a new project on TBC, but I am having an issue with the grid turning off and I can’t see where the project is, nor can I center it to zoom in. Any insight would most definitely be appreciated

If you run the CAD Cleanup command after importing the IFC, can you scroll through items in the explode block section to find your objects? Also, if you draw an object with the coordinates of 0,0 can you zoom into the object and find a stray object at the origin?

I apologize, I’m very new to this and only dragging and dropping for the purpose of training to learn how to utilize this software. I am not sure where the CAD cleanup command is located and searching it with F1 hasn’t given me any results regarding CAD cleanup.

sorry that is RPSCadCleanup. It’s on the Data Prep>Cleanup tab on the Rockpile ribbon if you have the default ribbon loaded. I don’t work with IFC data so I’m not much help going deeper.

Send me the IFC file and I will take a look and send you a video on how to work with it


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