Bridge Girder Check Reporting

This question came up today - and in TBC v5.90.1 Trimble added some functionality that is leveraged by the RPS Point Detail Report and RPS Label Points Report that you can make use of for this requirement.

The Requirements

You are checking bridge girder SIP (Pan) points against the bridge girder lines and a reference surface and the main alignment. You need the offset of the points to the girder center line but you need the station to the main bridge alignment and the elevation delta to the bridge deck finished grade surface. You want the output to a CSV / Excel file for an easy to read and understand report. You also want to report the points by span so you create some boundary lines using the create boundary command in the alignment mode so that you have a Span V, Span W, Span X boundary that allows further grouping of the data.

In TBC v5.90.1 Trimble added a property to the alignment object that allows you to specify a reference alignment for an alignment. When you specify the reference alignment, the station that is reported when you query in this case a Girder Line is the reference line stationing not the stationing along the girder itself, however the offset of the points that you measured will be computed from the Girder alignment not the Reference Line alignment.

Using this function you need to take the following steps

  • For your Girder Lines you need to have them defined as alignments. If you have them as linestrings you can use the RPS Export SC:\Users\Alan Sharp\Documents\Trimble Business Center\Export.xml
    XML function to write the linestrings out to a LandXML file that you can then reimport which will convert all of your Girder Lines to alignments in a single step.
  • Select all of the Girder Alignments and look in the properties pane and set the Reference Alignment for all of the Girders to be the Main Alignment
  • Create Boundary Lines for each Span using the Create Boundary Command using the alignment method with left and right offsets - this will allow you to group the data into the spans more easily in Excel.
  • Run the RPS Point Detail Report - pick the points for the girder you want to report, pick the reference surface (Bridge Deck) and pick the report template you want to use - I have Boundary, Point ID, Station, Offset, Elevation and DZ (Point to Surface) as my report items.

The output is a CSV file that looks as follows