Bridge Deck Modeling - Two Vertical Profiles

In the video below we look at a Bridge Deck modeling process where the bridge deck has a main alignment (for the bridge) and a second alignment for the entire road - in this case the mid section of the bridge - the alignment of the road matches the alignment of the bridge (on station and on alignment location, however in the approach and departure from the bridge, the bridge alignment and road alignment deviate from one another and the bridge profile is used to model the approach and departure areas of the bridge.

The bridge has a standard cross slope of 2% on both sides for the full length of the bridge

The bridge deck edge lines were provided in CAD format and will be used to control the width of the bridge deck model.

The model was built using the Corridor Model and uses the Tables in Offset Slope instructions to control the widths. The offset slope instructions are broken into two parts on both left and right side so that the approach and departure can be modeled from the bridge crown profile and the center portion from the road profile. All of the data provided is post deflection data that has already accounted for bridge deck loading.

Hope you find this helpful