Breaking a line a multiple areas where a line intersects


Im trying to see if there is a tool that is available to break a line at the areas where they overlap/intersect. I know I can manually go through and break these and rejoin the lines but I was curious if there is a tool that can do this with less clicks. TIA!

That is going to be our Smart Edit command.

Awesome I’ll take a look, Thank you!

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in this case the line is crossing over itself, the Smart Edit - Break line will let you break a line in multiple locations - It does not yet allow you to break the line where it intersects itself (That would maybe be a good break tool to have), but it wont do it automatically if it is all one line - it will do multiple lines to an intersecting line, it will also do multiple lines to an offset intersecting line but neither of those work here so I would do the following (as per the video below)

Use the Explode Lines Command to explode the line at large angle breaks
Use the Smart Edit - Trim / Extend to Intersection and Join function to join the broken parts together while trimming off the bits you do not need

You could also use Multi Break in Smart Edit and then the Smart Join Command (this will soon be in Smart Edit also)

You could also use Track Region command to find the line you need - that may work but you would have to close the line out to achieve that.

You could also use the create Linestring with Append Tracked Line method to create a new line that tracks the pieces of the original line that you are working with.

Video gives you a few options

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